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   Welcome to our Spanish links and pages and the Eastern Algarve (just 11 miles or 18 km from the Guadiana river and Spain). Although we will be delighted to hear from you should you wish to rent our apartment, we hope this site will also be of interest to anyone visiting this part of Portugal.

   Spain is 20 minutes by road or about an hour by bus and ferry. It is also possible to drive to Seville (140 km) in about an hour and a half on the motorway and from late April 2006, Oct 2009, for each booking made in Portugal, we are offering a week in our new rural property in the Sierra de Aracena in Spain rent free with only the servicing costs (cleaning, laundry, fuel etc.) to pay. This is calculated at 3 Euros or 2 Pounds per person per day plus a fixed charge of 50 euros or 35 pounds for the week - so 2 people for a week is 92 euros or 63 pounds and 6 people is 176 euros or 119 pounds. New for 2010! This is now calculated at 3 Euros per person per day plus a fixed charge of 15 euros per rental per week or 2 Pounds plus 21 pounds for the week - so 2 people for a week is 57 euros or 49 pounds and 6 people is 141 euros or 105 pounds.

   We must emphasize that this offer will not be for everyone as the property in Spain is very different in character from the apartment in Portugal.

   Whereas the apartment is modern and in the town with all the conveniences you might expect, the Spanish property is secluded; 20 minutes walk from the nearest village and extremely 'rustic' with no electricity. Lighting is by oil, gas and battery lamps or torches. A torch is essential. Access is possible, if a little tricky, by hire car with a 3 minute walk to the house. There is a splash pool and a swimming pool is available by day-ticket at a nearby campsite (5 minute walk) which also has a good budget restaurant and emergency facilities. Heating and hot water are by gas and log fire or stove with a gas water heater for the shower. There are beds for upto 7 in 3 bedrooms (with 2 double beds).

   If you are of an adventurous disposition, perhaps with some experience of camping or boating on a small boat with limited water and electricity, and think you would like to try this "away from it all" holiday in a quiet and beautiful rural location, please call us, (+44) (0)208 572 6790, or email us to discuss. (You could go to Spain first and then have a week in Portugal to recover!). Further info and photos at http://www.humber.co.uk/navasola.html

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