Try maximum contrast, 256 or thousands of colours, and adjust brightness for best results with this small (20K) JPEG file
  • As noted elsewhere, I usually try to maintain somewhere near a 'graphics-free zone', but have relented a little here. The photo is by Jack Wain of my arrival 10 minutes too late at Winteringham in 1996. The starboard side was also painted pale cream (in the photo all but a square foot is mid-grey) immediately after this picture whilst she was still aground on the mud, mud, glorious mud.

  • The 35mm print was simply scanned into a budget scanner, cropped and converted to JPEG. Reducing the colour depth to 256 colours made little difference to the file size (after the auto-compression) but did affect the visible quality, so this was restored to the original colour depth. The JPEG still isn't anything like as good as the original scan but the 36:1 compression at this size gives a file size of about 20K against the original 730K. The smaller picture is the same and about 10K with 22:1 compression but doesn't display so well. (I still haven't got my head round exactly how pixels and screen displays work).

  • I feel

  • an illogical

  • urge to

  • fill in

  • this space!

Slow Progress at Winteringham
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