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Casa de Monte/Bunkhouse accommodation

Navasola is a finca or small farm of 4 hectares, or 10 acres, less than a mile (1 km) from Fuenteheridos, a ‘beauty spot’ village in the very heart of the Sierra de Aracena ‘Pargue Natural’ - the western-most, and a protected, area of the Sierra de Morena of north-west Andalucia.

This is in Huelva province, some 60 miles north-west from Seville and not far from Andalucia’s borders with Extremadura and Portugal. With an altitude of 700 metres (2400 feet) and at some 60 miles from the coast (Costa de la Luz), temperatures at Navasola are somewhat cooler than Seville in summer and nearly as mild in winter, though it can be cold at night and a few days snow is not unusual in February.

The house provides comfortable and spacious but basic bunkhouse style accommodation with 2 double bedrooms and 3 single beds in open-plan spaces. Cooking (twin-burner stove), hot water for shower and the fridge are on bottled gas. Lighting is by gas, oil or battery operated lights or torch. There is a 12 volt lighting system which at the moment requires use of the generator to re-charge the 12v solar battery. A solar panel will be added shortly. Water for washing or drinking from the well is stored in a 500 litre tank which requires refilling from the well, by use of the generator, and manual chlorination. Bottled water can be bought locally.

Heating is by wood in open fireplace, wood-burning stove and bottled-gas heaters. Little or no heating is required from mid-April to mid-October but at other times of year warm clothing is also required. In this same summer period there is very little rain with almost continuous sunshine. In winter it can be warm and sunny by day but heavy rain is also possible, sometimes for several days at a time. Snow only occasionally falls, usually in February and although this can be heavy, it is normally gone within a few days. 'Shirt-sleeve' weather is not unusual in January and other winter months but warm clothing and waterproofs are essential. An umbrella is useful especially in Spring when it can be warm as well as wet.

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